Property Business Startup Blueprint


This course shares everything you need to know to successfully start a property business based on solid principles, including valuable secrets and nuggets that I have learned over the past few years. I force you to think and dig deep within yourself; make important assessments of your business intelligence as a leader and how to improve it.

This course is for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to take control of their financial well-being for a more satisfying professional and family life. Throughout this course, we use real-life examples to demonstrate how to use the content I am providing to build a successful business from the ground up.

What you will learn:

  • If You Were Uncle Tom, How Would You Change It Around?
  • How The Team Resolved Uncle Tom’s Challenges
  • How To Structure Your Portfolio?
  • Finding A Live Deal and Analyzing It
  • Learn More About The Offer To Purchase With Armand
  • How Town Planning is Helping TJ with His Deals
  • Town and Development Planning with Dumisani
  • Types of Planning
  • What Is Your Plan?

Discover the secrets to launching and thriving in your property business with our comprehensive start-up blueprint. Perfect for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, learn from real-life examples and take control of your financial well-being for a satisfying professional and family life.



Learn Tactics That Will Help You Launch & Expand Your Business.

The ONE thing that hinders most people from growing wealth through property is taking action on what they have learned. Anyone who is eager to put in the necessary effort and wants to succeed in the real estate industry should attend workshops like this. An excellent investment in yourself is getting the correct education.

In order to establish a real estate business, you must first understand that it is, in fact, a business. Whether you’re part of a team or alone, with the knowledge, tactics, and tools provided by The TJ Academy, you will be able to analyze real estate, buy in the right structure, and take advantage of them to increase portfolio value.

There is no question that the content is valuable. It is more a question of whether you will be able to invest the time necessary to extract value and benefits it offers. I will be there every step of the way if you need me. You can reach out to me any time whether during the course for clarifications or after the fact during your startup journey.


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